Written By M. Said Arvas

Nafs is a trouble not only to mankind but also to animals. It is his own nafs that bites the worm at the top of a fishhook.

Although humans have been generated to possess superior qualities compared to other living things, human beings have been caught in trouble on their own for this ability.

It is seen that the man does not always use his own intelligence, high mentality, reason, and logic for his own benefit.

Today, as it was yesterday, the greatest source of danger for human beings on earth is still human beings.

This danger is greater today than before and it continues to grow. Rightly, humanity is most afraid of human beings.

In our time, the masses of people control each other by developing a thousand and one tools and methods and keep in view each other day and night. In other words, people have to be vigilant at all times in face of people.

Even wild animals do not attack their own genres. What a sorrowful situation, people do not want to imitate these animals.

People who have composed the highest technological power by getting rid of spiritual ties and sincere love, use this power against other people and their consciences do not suffer.

This the highest technological power has become an overwhelming fist of steel and has made dictators’ work easier. Thus, this power intimidates people by frightening them and exploits them to the utmost by keeping them under a death threat.

How sad it is that people are forced to make great sacrifices in order to live, and many people are sacrificed their honor, dignity, honor, rights, and freedom by putting fears into their hearts.

It seems that the ambition of the world, desire about rank, and position has brought people to such a point that he has left valuable nothing for which he can die and that he knows more precious than his life.

Rather than fighting and dying for Allah, homeland, nation, good name, dignity, flag, freedoms, one has stayed to prefer to live dishonorably, even without them, or by living on his knee.

What good will be expected from the one who lives without any goal and any purpose, does not consider another eternal life than this world and aims just only temporary three days of worldly life?

Animals live this kind of life too. Their purposes are just only the world, to satisfy their desires of nafs (inner desires)

People are not only hostile to each other but also to hostile themselves. It is stated in the hadith-i-sharif ” Your biggest enemy is your nafs that lives your inside.”

Nafs is a bigger enemy than  Shaitan (satan, devil).  Shaitan sometimes enters into one’s heart and tries to corrupt him but nafs is always inside. Second, it is a “cute (!)” enemy. One supposes the desires of nafs are his own, and he is eager to do them.

Nafs is a trouble not only to mankind but also to animals. It is his own nafs that bites the worm at the top of a fishhook. They hook the worm that the fish likes on a fishhook. When nafs of fish sees the worm to get force the fish and cause trouble it.

The partridge falls into a trap because of his own nafs. His nafs get to force it to eat the food he likes on the ground and ultimately traps him. He who does not know his nafs as an enemy will not get rid of troubles!..

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